What do we do?
We offer a comprehensive approach to presentations, in terms of full concept, as well as creative and technical design.
Developing a successful presentation means much more than just preparing a set of eye-catching slides. It is rather a multistage process that includes developing all the aspects of the presentation: from the concept, narrative structure, through visualisations that reinforce the message to technical execution.

We support our Clients at all stages of creating presentations:
Analysis of the assumptions and objectives of the project; optimising an effective way to reach the target audience.
Selecting and arranging the content; building a scenario; storytelling.
Creating the verbal content of slides; designing the visualisation and data presentation.
Preparing slides; creating animations; producing audio and video materials.

Co-operation model

We adapt the service model and scope to your needs and expectations.
Designing from scratch
Creating the whole presentation from scratch based on the materials and assumptions provided by the Client.
Rearranging presentation
Complete rearrangement of existing presentations of the Client, in terms of structure, content and visualisation.
Presentation facelift
Redesigning the content of existing presentations in order to ensure high aesthetic values and visual consistency.
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We create presentations for any occasion.
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